It's been over 7 wonderful years but on the 1st Nov 2014 it all came to an end for The View From Here.

Thank you to everyone that was part of it - we had fun, we laughed, we tore our hair out, we did a heck of a load of stuff!

We will keep everything on-line as an archive.

After the 1st November any communication with us is likely to met with silence - as we will all be in cold storage.
We publish our fiction at The Front View and our poetry at The Rear View where we showcase the weird, unusual, thought provoking and occasionally bizarre.

Our stories & poems will make you wonder, laugh, cry and generally FEEL something. We expect to elicit an emotional response from our readers.

Submission Guidelines

We are CLOSED for fiction & CLOSED for Poetry submissions.


Most forms of short adult fiction are welcome for the Front View Fiction, with a 5000 word limit. Please read some of the stories posted at The Front View before you submit to get an idea of the type of work we publish.

Please submit your story using the link below. We are no longer accepting email submissions.

Before submitting, please ensure your work has been carefully edited for typos, misspellings, grammar, punctuation, etc. Whatever the other merits of your story, if it is full of mistakes it will be automatically returned unread.

We do accept simultaneous submissions.

We only accept submissions which have not been published previously online or in print.

Our response time can be up to 6 weeks, depending on the weight of submissions and how heavily the editors' publishers are breathing down their necks for edits and suchlike. Thank you for your patience.

Fiction: Kate Brown

General Notes

A note about "previously published": Print publication is obvious. Online publication includes your personal website or blog, or anyone else's website or blog, whether or not it represents itself as a publication. In other words, if it can be found with a search engine, it's published. Workshops and similar forums are, of course, exempt -- we use them and love them, too.

The Rear View

new thoughts, different voices


Upon acceptance, you will be asked to return (via email) a completed copy of our standard release. No work will be published without a release typical of the sample below:

I (your name & pseudonym, if applicable) certify that I am the sole author of the work being submitted to The View From Here. I also certify that this work has not been published previously online or in print. I also agree that The View From Here may use the work at its zine, weekly e-mail distribution, Kindle, Issuu and printed magazine. I retain all rights to my work except First Publication. My copyright remains mine throughout the process.

If my work should be reprinted elsewhere after its first publication in The View From Here, I shall make all best effort to have it noted as having first appeared in The View From Here, including the URL:

The View From here respects your privacy as much as we do our own. All information submitted will be kept confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, left on some street corner, or in any other way disclosed beyond the magazine's crew. Any information and/or work you submit to The View From Here will be held with serious care and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. In other words, all we want to do is read/view and — we hope! — publish you.

These Copyright and Privacy Statements pertain to unaccepted submissions as well as to work we choose to publish. We respect you, and we promise to continue.

new thoughts, different voices